Wednesday 27 April 2011

Insane Ian takes on Bruno Mars

Meet Insane Ian.

Alright, he may look a bit like a sex offender, and you definitely wouldn't leave your kids with him, but his lyrical genius has had me giggling like a loon, mainly when alone and on public transport, all week.

He's set to be the latest internet sensation with his fairly amusing rendition of Bruno Mars' Grenade, reworked into the style of a Mario Bro.

The best bit: he didn't have to buy any of the props he used in the video. this was just shit he had laying around. This man is a god, and must be worshipped as such.

Almost as good is his justification for the video: "If you're creative, you can re-arrange the letters in "Bruno Mars" to spell "Mario Bros". Kinda."

Watch the video below and be prepared to be blown away…

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