Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Clarks Magic Steps

My last post has brought back memories of the immensely epic shoes known as Clarks Magic Steps.

Unfortunately, they seem to have vanished off the face of the internet, and I can only find the following pictures, but alas, no advert for them on YouTube.

The shoes came in a whimsical box, along with a 'magic key' which doubled up as a brooch. the key, in later models, was used to turn a lock at the bottom of the shoe, revealing hidden pictures under a plexiglass covering.

So precious was my key that I kept it hidden in the garden under a strip of turf, guarded fiercely by my pet snail 'Cheeky'.

This next one was a real find, for you can see the key hole detail in the sole of the shoe…

My mum would never let me get a white (or pink, dare I say it came in pink?) pair because I'd 'only scuff them'. Which actually brings me on to another point; how exactly does one scuff their shoes? I haven't done so for years. Apart from when I drunkenly fell off a pavement, but I can't imagine I did much of that at seven-years-old.

From what I remember of the advert, an ordinary girl becomes a princess upon purchasing a pair of Clarks Magic Steps and has to save some pixies/rabbits/elves/whatever from an evil witch. The advert involves a lot of running through a forest and tinkly music.

She possibly fell through a mirror, or used the key to unlock a door. I could be getting this confused with an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark.

The highlight of the advert was the bemused girl exclaiming "Magic Shoooooooez?" right at the start.

If anyone can find the Clarks Magic Steps advert online I shall bestow upon them their weight in Wagon Wheels, Orange Clubs and Umbungo juice drinks.


  1. Just found your post when looking for info about these shoes. I'm sure you found it by now, but here is the advert:

  2. Thank you loads for this. Feel free to take the images if you want :)

  3. Clarks Magic Steps Shoes By
    It's on YOUTUBE.


  4. There's a picture on Facebook now that someone has posted of their pair of Magic Steps. They're not in very good condition obviously, but the little picture in the sole is visible and everything -!/photo.php?fbid=10151905400687456&id=687657455&set=o.163552337033705&source=46

  5. Am doing a blog post on all the things I was deprived of and these were what I want most in the world! Can I nab the picture as, like you found, there's not trace of them online! I swear, if I'd been allowed a pair I would've kept them pristine and in museum condition!