Monday, 23 May 2011

Went to the Medieval Banquet. Got drunk. Got thrown out.

I went to the Medieval Banquet in Tower Hill on Sunday.

I'd love to say i went because I adore culture and live theatre, but the main reason is that my friend Tiina is an acrobat there so got us some cheap tickets.

She can get into tighter spaces than a daddy-long-legs. Her boyfriend is a lucky man.

The idea behind is is that you get a meal, a live theatre show, some music, and most importantly - free beer and wine - in an actual real-life medieval banquet hall in Tower Bridge.


This is Tiina. God knows how she does it. I tried to do a forward roll once and got travel sick…


It's an excellent night, but for the price - £49.95 for an adult (don't worry, we paid nowhere near this…) you'd expect far less bland food and you're wine to not be watered down.

Luckily, they more than made up for it by forgetting to lock the props cupboard, as evidenced below. Evening ended with us being asked to return our bodices, or kindly leave.

The free bar had closed, so I of course choose the latter.

**Edit** A special thank you to my friend Chris from for taking all the photos and for letting me upload them. This is him below…

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