Thursday, 21 April 2011

Drunk Australian beekeeper ends up with 60 stings after thinking that the bees were 'asleep'

I'm not sure that I need to add any more to this story. The title has pretty much summed it up.

Andrew Short, an amateur beekeeper, returned home from the Melbourne Comedy Festival Monday evening in high spirits and thought he'd move a hive from his backyard to the roof of his house.

An amateur beekeeper is recovering in hospital after being stung over 60 times.

He figured that as it was past midnight, the bees would be asleep.

Instead, as bees angry are prone to do, they attacked him, stinging him more than 60 times.

On a scale of one-to Anne Boleyn, how off your head would you have to be (bee) to ever think that this was a good idea? Alcohol + Australian + ladder + roof + angry bees is literally a recipe for disaster.

In other news, glove found on fence and bear thought to have pooped in woods.

An anyone who bee-keeps in a tweed jacket is pretty much asking for it anyway.

*edit* have just noticed that he is still wearing his hospital ID band in the photo.

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