Thursday, 24 March 2011

Nick Pitera aka wtf?!

Nick Pitera is YouTube's answer to Raising Kane. How so many voices can live inside one man, I don't even want to know.

Watch the amazing video of Pixar animator Nick Pitera the

Not only is Nick Pitera able to sing the Disney songs pitch-perfect, his vocal range and voice acting skills as heroine, sidekick, chorus, hero and villan are spot on.

Despite being on YouTube for less than 24 hours, the video titled '"One Man Disney Movie" Nick Pitera Disney Medley Music Video' has received over 100,000 YouTube hits.

Combined with Zac Efron-esque good looks and a Bieber flick, it's enough to make a grown woman weep.

**Edit** Yes, that really is him singing. he isn't miming.

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