Saturday, 27 August 2011

London man to undergo therapy to beat sausage addiction

London man David Harding has apparently spent over £2,000 trying to beat his sausage addiction.

The bespectacled chap is downing as many as 13 testicle/eye/gristle-lumps-in-skin a day.

He reportedly spends £700 per year on the meaty morsels and 'can't imagine life without them'.

Am I missing something? They are sausages, not crack. Just don't eat them. Or at least, don't buy them. I can't imagine he gets the shakes and rushes old women on the street for their handbags to feed his addiction.

Maybe he could wee(iner) himself off with other phallic-shaped foods such as bananas, french sticks or cock?

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