Friday, 22 July 2011

Possibly the greatest thing wot I have ever found on the internet.

I can't quite get over this amazing discovery that I have made.

There is a website called where people post a list of things which they are willing to do for $5 (about £3.20).

I have already bought two amazing gems…

For $5 Damian from teen-flick Mean Girls will hold up the sign of your choice…

The sadness in his eyes shows you that he is unhappy with his fate as nothing more than a circus monkey.

But the real diamond in the rought is dancing Dror. Words cannot describe what you are about to witness. For the sum of £3.20, Dror will take his shirt off, write the slogan of your choice across his chest, and dance for thirty seconds to the music of your choice.

How could I resist? My boyfriend's birthday was coming up, laying rest to the age-old question 'what do you get for the man who has everything?'

*Edit* This video has now had over 2,000 views. I couldn't be prouder.

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