Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thank God Harry had a trust fund - Hogwarts would set you back £30k a year

Normally I can't stand these sort of stories, but this one tickled me a bit.

Boffins/geeks/virgins have worked out that a term at wand-waving school of sorcery Hogwarts would set you back a massive £30k per year.

And that's not including feeding and housing your owl.

So, my question is, how can the Weasley's, forever more on the brink of bankruptcy, afford to send their fire-mopped brood to the school? They'd be paying 150,000 in school fees alone, not including Bill's dragon lessons.

I know this is possibly the wrong part of the whole plot to get hung up on, but it's these little details which make the whole series unbelievable.

And just because I can, Alan Rickman. Admit it, you would…

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